GRAND OPENING! DECEMBER 15th at 12:00 pm

Hello Loyal Friends, Followers, and Family of Great Falls Brewing Company! First, I would like to say how much it has meant to us for you to stick by us all these months (years?). Your support has certainly given us the strength to finish the work. We couldn’t be more excited to say that we have finally come to the end of the construction part of the company (well, mostly…). And we are happy to announce the Great Falls Brewing Company’s

Soft Opening Events

The week of festivities will kick off with a mad dash to decorate and fine-tune our utilities and staff. The following will be invite-only private events, but if you are members of these groups/communities, please spread the word. These events will include catered food and the first pint/flight is free. Thank you for supporting and helping us!

  • Wed, Dec. 12th - Family, Friends, Mug Club, and Trades Night.

  • Thu, Dec. 13th - CTBeer ticketed event. Look for news to obtain tickets.

  • Fri, Dec. 14th - Canaan Community Night.

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Sean Hannan