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Cascadia Farewell West Coast IPA

A West Coast-style IPA brewed with pilsner malt, rolled oats and a dash of light caramel malt. This clean malt profile and dry finish let the heavy late-addition Mosaic and Citra Cryo hops really shine as they lend a tropical, citrusy hop character to this moderately bitter beer. Cascadia, Farewell is dry-hopped at a rate of two pounds per barrel with Citra Cryo, Mosaic, and Connecticut-grown Cascade hops from Pioneer Hops in Morris, CT to create an vibrant bouquet of dazzling hop aromas.

MALTS: Canada Malting Pilsen, Briess Flaked Oats, Briess Caramel 10L
HOPS: Citra Cryo, Mosaic, Connecticut Grown Cascade, Columbus
ABV: 6.15 SRM: 4 IBU: 52 OG: 14.4 TG: 3

Derailed BROWN ALE

Derailed Brown Ale is balanced around a base of Marris Otter malt, which gives it a full, roasty backbone of malt flavor. Roast, chocolate, and dark crystal malts in moderation give the beer its subtle flavor of caramel and coffee with a pleasant, dry finish. To round out the beer, US Goldings contribute a delicate and complimentary hop character.

MALTS: Thomas Fawcett and Sons Marris Otter, GWM Vienna, GWM C120, Baird's Roast, Baird's Chocolate
HOPS: US Goldings
ABV: 5.4% SRM: 20, IBU: 27

Lazy Hazy Housy NEIPA

Lazy Hazy Housy was brewed with pilsner malt, pale malt, unmalted wheat, Munich and flaked barley to be smooth and full bodied with tangerine color. Then we packed the whirlpool with Mandarina Bavaria, Citra, and El Dorado hops to cut down bitterness and create a hoppy cocktail of citrus flavors with a Jolly Rancher-like fruitiness. Double dry-hopped at a rate of two and a half pounds per barrel with a huge dose of El Dorado, Citra and Mosaic give this beer its smoldering tropical aromas.

MALTS: Pilsner, Pale, Munich, Unmalted Wheat, Flaked Barley
HOPS: El Dorado, Citra Cryo, Mosaic, and Mandarina Bavaria
ABV: 7.1 SRM: 5 IBU: 42 OG: 16.6 TG: 3.6

Canaan Mountain Lager

Style: American Style Adjunct Lager

Cold, clean, crisp and easy to drink, Canaan Mountain Lager is an American adjunct lager brewed with three ingredients: pilsner malt, flaked brown rice, and Crystal hops. This pale beer was designed to be low maintenance, sessionable, and flavorful.

MALTS: Canada Malting Superior Pilsen, Briess Flaked Brown Rice
HOPS: Crystal Hops
ABV: 4.6 SRM: 3 IBU: 12 OG: 11.4 TG:2.8

Happy Camper S’more Stout

Happy Camper is a round, full bodied stout brewed with Maine grown pale malt, marshmallow fluff, lactose, graham cracker crumbles, and Peruvian cocoa nibs from Chocolate Springs in Lenox, MA. A dark, slightly roasty beer with a hint of vanilla, this ale is good on or off trail.

MALTS: Canada Malting New England Pale, Canada Malting Munich, Canada Malting Flaked Oats, Briess Caramel 40, Briess Caramel 60, Baird Chocolate Malt, Baird Roast Barley
HOPS: Chinook, Cascade
Special Ingredients: Marshmallow Fluff, Lactose, Graham Cracker Crumble, Cocoa Nibs
ABV: 5% SRM: 37 IBU: 10 OG: 14.5  TG: 4.1

La Luna Wheat

La Luna is a light orange colored wheat beer brewed with Maine-grown pale malt, wheat and oats to create a smooth, delicate beer. Coriander, sweet and bitter orange peel, and chamomile added at the end of the brewing process impart its signature fruity and floral bouquet.

MALTS: Canada Malting New England Pale, Canada Malting Wheat, Canada Malting Flaked Oats
HOPS: Chinook
Special Ingredients: Coriander, Sweet Orange Peel, Bitter Orange Peel, and Chamomile Flower
ABV: 4.6% SRM: 4 IBU: 13 OG: 10.5  TG: 1.5

No Name Simcoe Dry-Hopped Sour

No Name is a light colored, kettle soured ale loaded with Simcoe hops which were added both at whirlpool and dry-hopped twice. Sour, hoppy and lacking a name, this ale is one for hop heads and sour lovers alike.

MALTS: Canada Malting New England Pale, Canada Malting Pilsen, Canada Malting Flaked Oats, Canada Malting Wheat, Best Acidulated Malt
HOPS: Simcoe
ABV: 5.8% SRM: 4 IBU: 14 OG: 15  TG: 4.1